Union Commercial is organized so that it can handle all facets of ship management. From the initial financing of a vessel's purchase, to her chartering and to every detail of her daily operation, the company provides the full spectrum of services. These include:

  1. 1.Shipyard contract negotiation and supervision
  2. 2.Management, documentation and maintenance of class requirements
  3. 3.Assistance in accessing ship finance and/or in the placement of equity in shipping investments
  4. 4.Hull and Machinery and Protection and Indemnity insurance cover
  5. 5.Maintenance and repair
  6. 6.Crewing
  7. 7.Procurement of spares/stores
  8. 8.Bunkering and supply of lube oils
  9. 9.Full accounting/audit practices of operations
  10. 10.Internal quality and safety controls

In past decades Union Commercial has bought, sold and managed on behalf of clients approximately 150 vessels of most types such as Bulk Carriers (including Capesizes), Tankers, Tween-Deckers, Reefers, Containerships, and, in one instance, a large sophisticated Pure Cement Carrier.

Union Commercial prides itself on being able to cater to the differing requirements of a number of clients including:

  1. 1.Individual Shipowners
  2. 2.Limited partnerships owing one or more vessels
  3. 3.Cargo Owners/Charterers expanding into ship-owning
  4. 4.Banking and other Financial institutions