Since inception in 1960, the Union Commercial Group of companies has prided itself on adhering to the virtues of trust, integrity, loyalty and reliability.

The group remains strongly committed to these fundamental values which over the years have solidified our relationship with our:

  1. 1.Charterers and End-Users
  2. 2.Clients/Investors
  3. 3.Financiers
  4. 4.Brokers
  5. 5.Underwriters
  6. 6.Suppliers

    1. WWe are focused on the bulk carrier business, where we aspire to continue our established growth patterns through measured additions of quality fuel efficient Japanese-built ships. As we work within a "high risk" industry, we prefer to recommend to our clients to remain conservative in their investment choices. Our determination to achieve is informed by past experience, current momentum and attention to innovation. Our operating philosophy is shaped by "old-school" values and strict adherence to the highest ethical standards.

      We are confident that we are in a strong position from which to negotiate and adapt to the ever-changing business environment that is shipping.