Union Commercial recognizes the importance of manning its vessels with properly qualified seafarers. Accordingly, it supports the on-going training and development of its employees.

Training includes:

  1. 1.Vessel Familiarization - First and foremost, all personnel signing on board company's vessels undergo a thorough familiarization schedule to keep new and returning crewmembers up to date with the safety and operational procedures
  2. 2.Class supplied technical information bulletins distributed fleetwise
  3. 3.Marine Notices from the Flag Administration
  4. 4.Class approved safety training videos reviewed periodically on board
  5. 5.Vessel's engine makers bulletins
  6. 6.Advisories by the Hellenic Association of Shipowners
  7. 7.Circulars by BIMCO
  8. 8.P&I cases and updates
  9. 9.Frequent attendance by office personnel for the purposes of training, internal auditing. Safety on board and operational standards are constantly evaluated and improved
  10. 10.Scheduled drills and safety meetings

In addition to the above training regimes, the crewing director is responsible for holding personal interviews with candidates to ensure the currency of their certification on all licenses, STCW training and medical fitness.